† Jen's GM App †

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† Jen's GM App †

Post  Lolita on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:53 pm

Why should you be a Game Master?

Kk. Thanks for reading my GM app. (:


Where you are from?


Have you had experience before?

Yeah, a few past experiences that are from servers that crashed due to lack of funding
and laziness of the owner for not bothering to deal with bugs and errors within the server.

Why should we pick you?

This is the part that makes me sound extremely selfish, lol. e.e
I think you should pick me to be a GM, because I try to help out whoever I can.
Sometimes in certain situations, when I'm busy with things, I'm not able to help,
but I am currently trying to improve on that. I think, compared to the other applicants,
I am most suited for this, due to all my experiences in the past. But hey, that's my own
opinion. The question is: What is the Staff's opinion? o.o

Why do you want to become a GM?

Well, because I'm on most hours in the day. And besides,
if no GMs are online during this time, well. I'd be an option :3
I understand most people who also, have a certain lack in grammar~
Hmm what else.. Oh.
I'm also, working to be an A* student in my English and Grammar. ~That is a little offtopic... >.> Moving on!

Where have you played before?

Where have I played before..
I've been a Game Master in my friend's server
which was sometime around February.. it was called ChronosMS, and it lasted for a maximum
of about a month.. x.x Then sometime in May, I joined a community called Eclipse-Network.
Eclipse-Network hosted JuicyMS where I was a GM for 2 weeks, but then the server closed and Eclipse-Network
decided to make their own server. So, in the Eclipse-Network's server I was a GM for about 2 months counting
from July til' about September.. but the population has reduced with a massive effect, which made me kinda
bored, considering a GM's position is to guide players and support them..soo.. I couldn't really do my job. >.o'
So then on, I decided to follow my friend into a new MS server. @___@

Are you familliar with the commands?

I'm familiar with commands. Although I DO have a GM handbook.
It's a plus, not a cheat ;o; >.o

How do you react on other people their questions?

I'm open minded pretty much all the time.. and I have a controllable temper.
Good ideas for other things in the server;
ie, events, quests.
Or, if a player is having issues with the game server, such as, ..hmm, negative exp
I'd simply let them know what to do and how to do it, also keeping a record of that
person's name and be sure to forward it to the owner. (or cut off their heads >:3)

(Tell something about yourself) Say things that can let me choose just you, do special things.

lol. o-o
Well, my name's Jen.. >> I don't mind being called
a certain name, just aslong as it isn't abusive of the sort. [:
Oh, and I'm 16. >w> Birthday's on 20th December -COUGHCOUGHCOUGH-.
I might act a little immature every now and again but that's kinda..
O-O; -sigh- ..it's kinda often XD~ I have a fair understanding of the game I guess
you could say..
kthx. Razz (Does that face remind you of anything?! X33)

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Re: † Jen's GM App †

Post  Birgerr on Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:31 pm

This is what i call a GM-application.

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Re: † Jen's GM App †

Post  Lolita on Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:46 pm

Am gewd. ;D xD

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Re: † Jen's GM App †

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