Jamie's GM Applications <3

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Vote me As a GM thanks <3

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Jamie's GM Applications <3

Post  Jamie on Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:03 pm

Where you are from?=Malaysia

Have you had experience before? : Yes in My friends Server Around 3 servers

Why should we pick you? : im Kind,Loving,Good and Helpful .i Will contribute my Extra time and my activeness and help BirMs get Better im Also good at Finding hackers and hosting Events

Why do you want to become a GM?:Because i love helping Maplers And Friends and Makesure BirMs is Hack free

Where have you played before? : TsukiMs ,CandiMS and ClimaxStory as A Co-Admin in level 5

Are you fermilliar with the commands? Yes i'm very fermilliar With the commands and i also have v.55 and v.61 GM handbook so im kinda Fermilliar with commands

How do you react on other people their questions?:ill return them the Answer and Help them if they need Helps & answer any question even if its anoying

(Tell something about yourself) Say things that can let me choose just you, do special things.: i Really Hope That u,Birgerr will accept me on Joinning this Server.I will try my Best to learn fast and Learn from other GMs Hope u Give me the Chance to Help BirMS to get Awesome and FUn Thanks <3

Hope u give me the chance meet Me or try to learn more about me Thanks

Thanks ! cheers cheers


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