Rewards [When you've donated]

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Rewards [When you've donated]

Post  Birgerr on Thu Dec 25, 2008 5:34 pm

As I mentioned on the [How to] topic.
There will be rewards for donating.

2k SydneyMS Chickens : A GM-scroll [Any you want]

2k SydneyMS Chickens : A +7 Bow-tie

5k SydneyMS Chickens : A +7 weapon [Any you wants] (Scrolled with GM scrolls)

10k SydneyMS Chickens : A Pro-Item [1000 attack weapon]

15k SydneyMS Chickens : A pro Item [1000 attack weapon] + 7 GM scrolls [Any you want] + GM-hat

20k SydneyMS Chickens : An Uber item [32767 in every stat + 500 attack weapon]

25k SydneyMS Chickens : GM

30k SydneyMS Chickens : SuperGM

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