Rikki's gm app (hope you like it )

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Rikki's gm app (hope you like it )

Post  Rikki on Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:54 am

Where you are from? Helena MT

Have you had experience before? why yes i have i have been a gm 2 times befor

Why should we pick you? i am a joy to be around i am allways nice and respectful i would be a great staff meber

Why do you want to become a GM? to help out this server all i can and more i will have lots of fun

Where have you played before? maplemoo and striker ms

Are you fermilliar with the commands? why yes i am mi have the gm comand book downloaded to my computer

How do you react on other people their questions? i give them their ansewr and try my best to help out

(Tell something about yourself) Say things that can let me choose just you, do special things.
i know about every thing their is to know about gms :DD

i hope you enjoyed my app


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